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.Monday, May 26, 2008 ' 5:39 PM

Flatulence Inhalation

Alright peepel, if the last post by my fellow joker is not funny, please go get a refund from him for wasting your:-

1. Electric bill
2. Internet bill (even though its broadband, CLAIM NI!)
3. Your time
4. Your reading effort

OKAY, let us move on. This is from a post i once had in my old blog. Have you guys ever wondered right. What is fart exactly? Is it air that comes from breathing? Or does god think its funny to pump us at night when we're asleep? No, according to my research (yes i made research on fart), fart is actually a combination of gasses (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide) that travels from a person's stomach to their anus (nice way of saying asshole la). I am sure everyone has farted at least 10000 times in their life, if you dont, you're just a liar.

Do you think the one on top musta farted??

See, even the president of the most powerful country in the world farts

Alright, so yeah. Has anyone of you ever thought that when someone near you farts, someone will always ask 'who farted?'. After that, everyone else will want to make sure that there actually is fart by SMELLING THE AIR. This theory proves that PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE TO SMELL FART. I know it is morally, ethically and in every other way, wrong, but you cannot escape the facts that i have layed down.

Ponder this too, this air you are smelling is actually coming out of someone else's a-hole. That means at least 10000 times in your life, you have breathed in air that has come from the dark caves of man. The air of which has been so sacred and is laced with the wonderful aroma of death.

Next time you guys hear someone going "Oh,god someone farted" or if u hear a mental alarm that is triggered by ur smell sense, please do the following

1. Cover your nose by pinching it
2. Hit your friend really hard in the shoulder so he/she thinks twice about farting again
3. Run the hell away
4. Light a lighter so the mofo's a-hole gets burnt



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